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I don't care for your suit ! But. . .

Please either bid another suit, or if you're strong leave it as a double for penalties.


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Double a 1NT overcall

"Partner:  can you bid something else ?"

It's not quite the same as doubling a 1NT opening bid

If your opponents had opened 1NT, it's different.  Doubling them in this case definitely means doubled for penalties, and that's an interesting topic. Here though it's a bit different. . .

Example of what it does mean

Say your partner opens 1spade, which is followed by a 1NT overall by the enemy (signifying balanced hand, 15+ HCP, with a stopper in enemy suit spade). The two bidders so far have accounted for at least 27 of the HCP. Doubling here cannot have the usual doubling a 1NT meaning, since that shows 16+ HCP, which you cannot possibly have.

So what does it mean ?

Well, let's say you have a hand which contains some strength, but with 8-12 points probably not enough to bid at the wretched 2-level in a new suit because your suit is a 4-card Major, for example. Anyway, you want to bid, since your partner could actually have as many as 16-18HCP. And the two of you have the majority of the points. A part contract seems possible even if a game is rather unlikely. However, you don't like your partner's spade. In fact, if your enemy had not interfered, you would yourself might have bid 1NT with 8-9.

So that's what it means. In effect, either "Look, I've got some values, but I don't like your suit, please can you bid again", or "Look, I've got some values, we have the majority of the points, we can get them down"

Partner's responses

Your partner will respond, taking account of his length in spade, and the fact that the enemy's strength is in an unfortunate location, i.e. directly following your strong partner's hand.

Although your double is generally a forcing bid, with a strong hand however your partner could pass your bid. This converts your bid from a "takeout double" into a double for penalties, the logic being that the enemy is in 1NT with barely more than 15 HCP. And their partner has almost certainly got nothing. If they are vulnerable that could be painful for them, ho-ho.

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