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double for takeout is better:


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To overcall, or to double ?

Doubling is twice as good !

Your enemy to your right has opened with a suit, and your hand is one of those that allows you to choose between bidding either

For example, you have a 5431 or 5332 distribution, with one very weak short suit, honours in 3 suits, and 12+ HCP.

My advice is generally to double for takeout, for three reasons:

  • it gives your partner a clearer idea of your strength, promising an opening hand rather than 8 or 10HCP
  • it's more descriptive, promising 3 suits, rather than just one
  • it keeps the bidding lower.

What if I've got 3 suits and 16+ ?

The choice between doubling and overcalling 1NT is of course much different.

  • Both are strong. A double does not deny having 16+ but a 1NT overcall clearly promises it.
  • Both are also balanced in a way, but the NT overcall promises a stopper in the bid suit. The latter point in sharp contrast to a double for takeout, which will usually not have such a stopper.
  • And finally, a double for takeout is forcing.

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