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Long support for partner, but weak and unbalanced.

Go straight to game in a Major, instead of simply raising to 2:

Shut out the opposition with a mere 18+ HCP.

For genuine 'strong' game-going responses in an agreed Major, use Jacoby 2NT or Splinter.


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Example Deal

«  0045  »

After 1 Suit, Weak freak

Pre-emptive raise to the 4 level

This is a bit like a pre-emptive bid with partner support to game, but in reverse! The plan as usual is to shut out the opposition.

You have a pre-emptive kind of opening hand. You know, with less than 10 HCP. You already know your partner has an opening hand, because he opened.

So, if you know that there are at least 9 trumps between you, and you are unbalanced, you can go straight to game in a Major, instead of a simple raise to 2.

You can do the same thing in a minor, going straight from 1club to 4 or 5club, but this is much less attractive because you might be passing over the chance to bid 3NT. If you do it in a minor, you will need a void or a singleton.

Think about it this way: The bidding sequence 1heart - 4heart is no longer used by more advanced players to show 25 HCP and 8-card fit, because they use Jacoby 2NT or Splinter bids. Therefore use the redundant bidding sequence 1heart - 4heart for "weak freak".


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